Education Programme Brazil

In 2012 BE-Basic officially started an international education program, as part of a large-scale program on societal embedding and education for a biobased society.

With this education program BE-Basic aims to stimulate and prepare our future, international work force for jobs in the biobased economy. The international deployment of this program reflects the importance of our existing and new international activities, both by academic and industrial partners. The program aims to prepare education for broad international usage, and where possible BE-Basic members collaborate with colleagues from international partners.

For Brazil the focus is on advanced courses (graduate and post-graduate level) for academic and industrial participants. The advanced courses are jointly organised with our key academic partners, such as the Brazilian University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the Dutch Biotechnology Studies Delft Leiden (BSDL). Where possible, these courses will also be embedded in education programs, if applicable as part of dual degree arrangements with our Brazilian partners.

Based on an inventory of present advanced courses, interest and future work force demands, an education program has been defined covering technical topics such as biothermodynamics, metabolomics and soil ecology, but also communication & policy, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. The following advanced courses are implemented in Brazil, coordinated by BE-Basic’s Brazil office:


Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology (flyer 2015)

Complex metabolic control of central carbon metabolism and connected product formation pathways in industrial micro-organisms, covering rapid sampling methods, measurement techniques and modelling approaches.

February 2015, UNICAMP (FEA)

Thermodynamics in Biochemical Engineering

Application of thermodynamics to rationalise bioprocess development covering the fundamentals, charged species, stability and activity of biomacromolecules, and thermodynamics of living systems and of metabolism.

July 2015

Biobased Economy Beyond Bioethanol (flyer 2015)

Connecting the advances in industrial biotechnology with principles of new business development, aiming at a business plan for integrated production of chemicals, fuel and energy. This course was given in 2013 and in 2014, and was repeated in 2015.

Aug-Nov 2015, UNICAMP (FEQ)

Multicomponent Mass Transfer (flyer 2014)

Diffusion and mass transfer processes with multicomponent mixtures, with more than one driving force or with a solid matrix (polymer / porous medium). This course was first given in March 2014 and was repeated in 2016.


Communication & Policy for a Biobased Economy (flyer 2014)

Understanding the role and nature of public perceptions and policies in innovation and technology transfer for a biobased economy. This course was first given in July 2014 and was repeated in 2016.

2016, UNICAMP (IE)

Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering

Integrated, interdisciplinary approach required to utilise the catalytic potential of enzymes and whole cells for the production of useful compounds.


More courses are under development and will be added to this overview soon. If you’re interested in organising a joint course or participate in a course, please contact our Brazil office.


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