Secundairy Education

For secondary education, BE-Basic contributes to 4 successful, national activities. These dedicated activities have been selected on the criteria substantial outreach and accessibility. All aim at upper-secondary school students (havo/vwo, 16-18 years).

  1. DNA-lab on the Road, ‘Racing with toilet paper’; This activity is one of 6 Dutch DNA-labs on the Road, that, since 2006, travel from universities to schools. The DNA-lab ‘Racing with Toilet Paper’, hosted by TU Delft and BE-Basic visits 2.500 upper-secondary school students a year in over 100 classes.
  2.  The ‘Jouw Energie van Morgen’ Truck (Your Energy of Tomorrow’s Truck) run by the University of Groningen, visits secondary schools in the northern region of the Netherlands. On behalf of BE-Basic, from September 2014, the truck will offer a module on fermenting waste.
  3. BE-Basic and TU Delft host the annual Imagine school competition. Imagine is a school competition that involves children (age 17-18) in implementing biotech solutions in developing countries.
  4. In addition to school books, the educational website ‘allesoverDNA‘ (All about DNA) offers a wide range of concepts, teaching materials all dealing with DNA, molecular biology and life sciences. The website has been developed based on a survey of teachers. It is supported by BE-Basic and two partners in the medical domain, thus covering the major fields of life sciences.