3rd Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology Conference

oktober 17, 2017

The Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology (BBEST) is an international conference on Bioenergy. Within the broad field of bioeconomy the 3rd edition of BBEST will be covering topics related to how bioenergy emerges as a possible leverage for paving the global future, the novel synergy scenarios and the many opportunities ahead. This international conference includes scientists, students and leaders of the public and private sectors and is organized by leading scientists from research institutions in Brazil and abroad. The international context of the conference is also reflected in the composition of the Chair(wo)manship; Gláucia Mendes Souza (University of São Paulo, FAPESP BIOEN) and Luuk van der Wielen (TU Delft, BE-Basic) and and the various Scientific and Advisory Committees.

BBEST 2017 will be held from 17 to 19 October 2017 at the Campos do Jordão Convention Center in Campos do Jordão, Brazil.

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