BE-BIC offers the full spectrum of the Technology Transfer Chain:

• Raising Awareness: generation of commercially interesting by raising awareness of the innovation process.

• Screening & Scouting: screening of research results within BE-Basic for potential ideas and inventions that will lead to invention disclosures or patents. Scouting for entrepreneurial scientists within and outside of BE-Basic.

• Intellectual property & business cases: managing the IP portfolio of BE-Basic, supporting on follow up activities and organising venture challenges during which participants will learn to develop business plans and elevator pitches.

• Fund Raising & partner Search: assisting in raising pre seed capital for promising business cases or find the right investor partner within our network to commercialise business cases to actual commercial activities.

• Demonstration and Pilot Fase: assisting in pilot and demonstration studies to strengthen business potential via the BE-Basic Bioprocess Pilot Facility.

• Exit & Exploitation: supporting the development of independent start-ups in their final stage to commercialisation by assisting in contract and license negotiations.



The BE-BIC team is formed by representatives of the Invention Evaluation Committee (IEC):

Bram Brouwer, BioDetections Systems
Herman van Wechem, independent consultant
Jan van Breugel, BioBased Innovation (BBI)
Dick Janssen, University of Groningen