BE-Basic Brazil mentioned as best practice in AWTI report

oktober 16, 2015

Report advises to strengthen Dutch-Brazilian R&D collaborations

Today, the Advisory council for science, technology and innovation (AWTI) released the report ‘Collaborate to Innovate – Knowledge and Innovation Cooperation between Brazil and the Netherlands‘. It states that the Netherlands can benefit from stronger collaborations with Brazil in the fields of innovation and science (i.e. biobased economy), and the need for specific directions with a view for long term planning. The Dutch-Brazilian cooperation BE-Basic Brazil is mentioned as best practice to bring biomass researchers and entrepeneurs together. 

BE-Basic Brazil

The report explains how Brazil would benefit from better cooperation between industry, governmental institutions and knowledge centers. BE-Basic Brazil is a good example how to achieve this. The foundations for the collaboration with Brazil originate from the nineties with academic and industrial partners from the B-Basic consortium (the predecessor of BE-Basic). In 2012, BE-Basic and TU Delft opened a joint Brazil office in Campinas to further intensify and facilitate the cooperation with Brazil, in the fields of research, education and business development. The importance of Dutch-Brazilian cooperation mentioned in the AWTI report corresponds with a statement Minister Jet Bussemaker made during a meeting 13 August 2015, concluding that joined forces of the Netherlands and Brazil in biobased development uniquely add value for future generations. 

About AWTI

AWTI advises the Dutch government on policy in the areas of scientific research, technological development and innovation. It provides advice when it is applied for or when the council deems it necessary. It enjoys an independent position towards the Ministers and their Departments, as well as towards other parties involved. The advisory council consists of a maximum of 10 members, each originating from different sectors of society, such as research institutes and trade and industry.

More information

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