Dual Degree Fellows Club official website launched

april 13, 2016

BE-Basic Brazil Office, NIPE/UNICAMP, Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil

During the  Dual Degree PhD Program Workshop, the BE-Basic Brazil Office launched the Dual Degree Fellows Club Website. In a time when sharing is the key to increase knowledge and awareness of our reality, this new  website aims  to strengthen the Dual Degree (social) network and promote the interaction between the Dual Degree Fellows. Another focus is  publishing of news related to the Bioenergy market and the Dual Degree Program, as well as notification of Dual Degree Events that range from invited and organized lectures, videoconference sessions BR-NL, movies and promotion materials, to periodic social meetings and  company visits. Each DD fellow is presented on the website  with personal information, information  on supervisors, duration and a summary of the projects as well as a video presentation. The site also provides information and practical tips on available courses, traveling to the Netherlands and Brazil, insurance information, possible accommodation and other kinds of FAQs.

The Dual Degree Fellows Club seeks to offer its members more than an informative guide, approximating them through a personal exchange of thoughts and insights concerning their own experiences with the Dual Degree Program.

Look at the website to find out more about our club.