Dual Degree PhD Program Workshop

april 12, 2016

BE-Basic Brazil Office, NIPE/UNICAMP, Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil

The BE-Basic Brazil Office organized a second Workshop for candidates interested in the Dual Degree PhD Program last 12th of April 2016 at UNICAMP. Repeating the successful format of last year, the event was attended by members of the Joint Steering Committee – Professors Patricia Osseweijer and Luuk van der Wielen (TU Delft), Gustavo Paim (FEQ/UNICAMP) and Andreas Gombert (FEA/UNICAMP); and co-chaired by NIPE’s Coordination – Professors Telma Teixeira Franco (FEQ/UNICAMP) and Rubens Lamparelli (FEAGRI/UNICAMP. PhD students with ongoing projects in the program also attended the workshop.

Professor Telma Franco presented the program, followed by Gustavo Paim, Rubens Lamparelli and Andreas Gombert. Graduate and PhD students – interested in the opportunity offered by the partnership between TU Delft and UNICAMP – attended the event, which brought listeners a broad presentation of the doctoral program in joint-supervision and its related research areas.

Professors Patricia Osseweijer and Luuk van der Wielen participated remotely via Skype directly from TU Delft presenting the topics and answering questions from the audience, while Professor Andreas Gombert gave support mediating the discussion.

Showcases of students already enrolled in the Dual Degree Program were also presented. In total, the event had 17 participants out of which eight proposals for initial project ideas emerged. A follow up with individual meetings was organized at beginning of May with members of the JSC to prepare the submissions for new additions to the Dual Degree PhD Program.

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