FAPESP and BE-Basic announce results of 2012 call for joint research projects

augustus 15, 2013

On July 10, 2013, BE-Basic and FAPESP published the results of the 2012 call for joint research projects of the Brazilian BIOEN and the Dutch BE-Basic program. The approved projects aim to collaborate in the development of sustainable biofuels and biodegradable polymers from different kinds of feedstock. Two important topics in both programs.

This was the second call for proposals, since FAPESP and BE-Basic joint forces in 2010. After external evaluation 2 high quality proposals have been selected for funding, representing a total project volume of about 4 million US$:

The environmental impact of biofuel production: bio-indicators for sustainable and optimal biofuel production.

Flávia Talarico Saia (UNESP) and Alette Langenhoff (Wageningen University)

Tailor-made biodegradable polymers produced by bacteria from biomass

Luiziana Ferreira da Silva (USP) and Kirsten Steinbusch (Waste2Chemicals / WUR)

Biobased economy with continued joined forces

Due to the success of the collaboration and the importance both parties give to continued joined forces to develop a global biobased economy, BE-Basic and FAPESP agreed to launch more calls in the coming years, extending the budget and period of  collaboration. Currently six projects are approved which cover the broad scope of the BIOEN and BE-Basic program, developing knowledge and innovation for sustainable production of biorenewables (fuels and chemicals) from sugar cane and its residues .  More news on the 2013 call will follow shortly, as well as information on two preparatory workshops which are organised in Brazil, one on sustainable feedstock production and one on integrated (downstream) bioprocessing.


São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP – is an independent public foundation with the mission to foster research and the scientific and technological development of the State of São Paulo, founded in 1962. The Foundation has fostered a large number of research projects in themes related to Energy and Environment. Besides advancing fundamental and applied knowledge on Bioenergy, the Research Program on Bioenergy (BIOEN) aims at contributing decisively towards the formation of scientific and technical personnel in the field of Bioenergy R&D. More information about FAPESP.

About BE-Basic

BE-Basic is a Public Private Consortium in The Netherlands, composed of Dutch and international universities, knowledge institutes and companies executing a R&D and Innovation Program exceeding € 120 mio. The purpose of BE-Basic is to develop the required knowledge and technology to stimulate biobased ecologically balanced sustainable industrial chemistry. BE-Basic’s partners and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation contribute each to half of the BE-Basic budget. More information about BE-Basic foundation.