IB01x Industrial Biotechnology course starting soon!

september 30, 2016

New course starts 12th October 2016

The online course named IB01x “Industrial Biotechnology”, starting on Wednesday October 12th 2016 is open for registration. You can register here

The course treats Industrial Biotechnology from feedstock to fermentation to product. The course will cover the science and technology of industrial biotechnology as well as the social, environmental and economic aspects. A central case, the production of the compound 1,3-propanediol, and cases on the production of biopharmaceuticals, food ingredients and bioethanol, are used to connect theory with practice. 

In this 6-week course the insights and tools for the design of biotechnology processes in a sustainable way will be presented. Five experienced course leaders will teach the basics of industrial biotechnology and how to apply these to the design of fermentation processes for the production of fuels, chemicals and foodstuffs.

IB01x is developed in cooperation with the BE-Basic Foundation: an international public-private partnership that develops industrial biobased solutions to build a sustainable society (www.be-basic.org), and the Brazilian university UNICAMP.