The Corbey Committee presents vision document on sustainable bioeconomy 2030

november 05, 2015

The vision document ‘Naar een duurzame bio-economie’ (‘Towards a sustainable bioeconomy’) was presented on 20 October 2015 by the Corbey Committee to Wilma Mansveld (Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Environment until 28 October 2015) and Henk Kamp (Minister of Economic Affairs). The document points out the advantages of the bioeconomy with biomass as a resource, such as less CO2 emissions, less dependency on fossil fuels and more employment opportunities. It explains that the biobased economy would be lucrative for the Netherlands, but that it requires ambitious integral policy making and a stronger role from the government in order to get started.

The results of two BE-Basic research projects on availability of national biomass and import of biomass to the Netherlands have been included in the Corbey vision document. Both studies can be downloaded at the website of the Corbey Committee (Dutch). Click here to view or download the Corbey vision document (Dutch).

About the Corbey Committee

The Corbey Committee was asked to explore the extent to which the introduction of advanced biofuels could be accelerated in the Dutch market. The Committee feels that advanced biofuels could hold opportunities for the Netherlands and for Europe, on condition that it is produced in a sustainable manner. A long-term steady policy which generates market perspective is required for accelerated introduction. Control of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the best and most unequivocal method for the realisation of climate objectives, and also contributes to a level playing field.