Research and Development

In the BE-Basic R&D programme researchers from academia, industry and knowledge institutes collaborate on both fundamental science and industrial challenges. We aim for true innovations: bio-chemicals, bio-materials, bio-construction concepts and bio-based monitoring tools. They are the essential building blocks for our bio-based economy.



Research in BE-Basic is organised in 12 “Flagships”. Each Flagship is addressing a major scientific/socio-economic challenge:

1. Carbon-based compounds
2. Nitrogen-based specialties
3. Sustainable Soil management and upstream processing
4. Bioconstruction Materials
5. Microbial production of Biofuels and Bioenewables
6. Synthetic Biology
7. High-throughput experimentation and (meta)genomic mining
8. Environmental impact of chemical, bio-based molecules and processes
9. Societal embedding of a biobased economy
10. Genomics for Industrial Fermentation
11. EBD Programme: Economy, Policy and Sustainability
12. Iso-butanol Platform Rotterdam (IBPR)