Iso-butanol Platform Rotterdam (IBPR)

The Flagship Iso-butanol Platform Rotterdam (IBPR) focuses on cascading the conversion of lignocellulosic feedstock to products such as iso-butanol and further valorisation to derivates. The Organosolv extraction/biorefining process will be used to separate lignin and other useful materials from the biomass. The lignin will be converted into high quality chemicals. The (hemi)cellulosic sugars will be fermented into iso-butanol. Via catalyses iso-butanol can be further converted to aromatics such as p-xylene, jetfuel, glycerol and GTBE as diesel additive.

The online version of the Iso-Butanol Platform Rotterdam report (IBPR) is available here. The underlying full scientific reports are available on request.


Flagship Management

• George Brouwer, PHD, owner BBA
   Flagship Manager
• Sjaak van Loo, MSc, Director Procede Group B.V.
  Vice Flagship Manager