The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and BE-Basic collaborate in Joint Calls for Proposals (JCFP), with the aim of promoting and supporting research projects involving collaboration between scientists working in public or private research or teaching institutions in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and scientists associated to BE-Basic in the Netherlands.

The research projects help to build up scientific and technological competencies, foster strategic alliances for scientific and technological development, promote the dissemination of knowledge and generate results which potentially could lead to applications with market value in the area(s) of interest to FAPESP and BE-Basic.

At this moment, this collaboration has resulted in the following approved research projects:

Title    Principal Researchers
Integrated sustainability assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane in Brazil Arnaldo Cesar da Silva Walter (Faculdade Engenharia Mecânica – Unicamp)
Andre Faaij (Utrecht University)
Understanding the emulsion behaviour of fermentation mixtures in the microbial production of diesel and jet-like biofuels Rosiane Lopes da Cunha (Faculdade Engenharia Alimentos – Unicamp)
Maria Cuellar Soares (Delft University of Technology)
Functional bio-indicators for soil quality monitoring for sustainable management of sugarcane biomass production Siu Mui Tsai (Centro Energia Nuclear Agricultura – USP)
Eiko Eurya Kuramae (Netherland Institute of Ecology)
Integrating partial and general equilibrium models to assess biofuels expansion impacts André Meloni Nassar (Inst. Estudos Comércio Negociações Internacionais – Icone)
Hans Van Meijl (Wageningen University)
The environmental impact of biofuel production: bio-indicators for sustainable and optimal biofuel production
Flávia Talarico Saia (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, UNIFESP)
Alette Langenhoff (Wageningen University)
Tailor-made biodegradable polymers produced by bacteria from biomass
Luiziana Ferreira da Silva (Instituto Ciencias Biomedicas – USP)
Kirsten Steinbusch (Waste2Chemicals / Wageningen University)
Applied multispectral reflectance spectroscopy for prediction of soil chemical properties to use in sugarcane precision agriculture
Paulo Sérgio Graziano Magalhães (Faculdade de Engenharia Agricola – UNICAMP; Interdisciplinary Center of Energy Planning-NIPE)
Aad J. Termoshuizen (BLGG Research – Wageningen)
Improved space-based remote sensing for land use mapping; towards sustainable expansion of the bioethanol sector in Brazil
Rubens Augusto Lamparelli (University of Campinas – UNICAMP; Interdisciplinary Center of Energy Planning-NIPE)
Ramon Hanssen (Delft University of Techology)
Unraveling the sources and sinks of nitrous oxide (N2O) in sustainable bio-based agriculture
Janaina Braga do Carmo (Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias para a Sustentabilidade / UFSCar)
Eiko Eurya Kuramae (Netherlands Institute of Ecology – Wageningen)
Innovation for a bio based economy in Brazil: challenges and hurdles in technology development for sustainable and economic utilisation of biomass José Maria Ferreira Jardim da Silveira (Instituto de Economia / Unicamp)
Patricia Osseweijer (Delft University of Techology)

At FAPESP these projects are embedded in the BIOEN program, while BE-Basic integrates these projects in the appropriate flagships.