About BE-BIC

Innovation = Invention + Implementation.

This is the BE-Basic definition of Innovation. To stimulate both inventions (ideas) and their implementation, theĀ BE-Basic Business and Innovation Centre, BE-BIC was established.



The mission of BE-Basic is “to coordinate, promote, support and evaluate all valorisation activities within BE-Basic“.


1. Develop awareness of innovation concepts and requirements throughout the consortium.
2. Stimulate the generation of commercially interesting ideas.

1. Screen ideas of commercial interest throughout the consortium.
2. Seek the right partners and funds for implementation.


  • At least 60 patents
  • At least 120 invention disclosures
  • Create at leastĀ  4-5 new start-ups, and promote 4-5 exiting start ups
  • Promote both economic and societal valorisation & implementation
  • Promote entrepreneurship among young scientists, by specific training, support and competition