Workshop Soil quality and nutrient recycling

augustus 18, 2011

BE-Basic and the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE) will organize the first international workshop “Soil Quality and Nutrient Recycling” at the CTBE in Campinas, Brazil.


This workshop aims to provide a state-of-the-art overview of needs and initiatives in soil quality and nutrient recycling in the biobased economy, to explore ideas for new joint research projects and select case studies approved and/or started projects within BE-Basic/CTBE. The workshop is open for both BE-Basic members and people outside the consortium.


CTBE, Campinas, Brazil


The workshop will address three major fields:

1. Residue Assessment
This will include: quantity and quality of residues (agricultural and industrial residues, biochar, biosolids), logistics and assessment of agricultural value, linkage to (synthetic) production of fertilizers.

2. Soil Quality Management
This will include: soil assessment (chemical, physical and biological), crop requirements, fertilizer application, nutrient recycling, N-fixation, crop rotation and Integrated Crop Management (ICM).

3. Sustainability
This will include: environmental constraints (effluent treatment, emission reduction, GHG assessment), development of standards and modeling tools (e.g. LCA).