Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology Conference

mei 09, 2017

BBEST2017 will be held on 17-19 October 2017 in Campos do Jordão, Brazil

The 3rd edition of Brazilian BioEnergy Science and Technology Conference (BBEST 2017) was recently launched by prof. Brito from FAPESP.  Luuk van der Wielen, Delft University of Technology and BE-Basic, The Netherlands will be chair at this event that will be held from 17 to 19 October 2017. This international conference includes scientists, students and leaders of the public and private sectors and is organized by leading scientists from research institutions in Brazil and abroad.

In BBEST 2017 the emphasis, for the first time, will be on the issues related to bioenergy area within the concept of “bioeconomy” with a central theme “Designing a Sustainable Bioeconomy”.

This theme was chosen in light of the increasing importance of promoting the expansion of the economy through new opportunities to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and promote sustainable development, both for Brazil and the world. An example of this effort is the BBEST’s partnership with BE-Basic Foundation, a consortium of universities and enterprises with a mandate to promote and stimulate the sustainable bio-economy.

In this sense, in parallel to the scientific part of the event consisting of Plenary, Special and Parallel Sessions, the BBEST 2017 will feature other innovative activities to promote greater collaboration between the private sector and academia, such as presentations of strategies for R & D & I of invited companies and rounds of discussion between companies and academia. For these activities renowned national and international companies and also spin-offs with scientific and technological base will be invited.

A special area will be reserved for an exhibition of products and processes related to the areas of bioeconomy: agriculture, food, health, bioenergy and green chemistry. In addition to bioenergy issues (production of biomass conversion technologies, biorefinery, engines and sustainability) the BBEST 2017 incorporated other areas of the bioeconomy.

Nowadays there is a real revolution of bioeconomy in the world and Brazil should join it. It is of the utmost importance that national and international companies participate in the lectures and discussions of the Conference, presenting their strategies of research, development and innovation, as well as its products and technologies related to the bioeconomy.

The BBEST 2017 will take place at the Campos do Jordão Convention Center in Campos do Jordão, Brazil, a city located at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira. The area combines a beautiful landscape of mountains and tropical altitude forests to a warm and equipped with complete infrastructure environment.

More information about the event and sponsorship possibilities you can find on the BBEST 2017 website.