New Master&PhD course “Biobased-economy Beyond Bioethanol” at University of Campinas

juli 08, 2013

In close collaboration, BE-Basic, TU Delft and University of Campinas, offer a new master course which connects the advances in biobased production technology, sustainable process design with principles of new business development.

Biobased options (‘biorenewables’) form a feasible alternative to production based on fossil resources. Biorenewables need to be cost competitive and truly sustainable. This requires integration of chemicals, fuels and energy production with the agro-industries. The Brazilian ethanol industry leads this large scale development, but focuses on a product (ethanol as a fuel) with relatively low added value. Integrating production of chemicals and materials is critical since these have potentially higher added values. Integration requires development in new technology, innovation in design methodology, integral new industries and a strong entrepreneurial mind-set.

The aim of this course is to understand the link between science and technology development, and translate this into a business goal and business plan including a realistic understanding of market potential and financial plan.

The course consists of: 

• a kick-off seminar with presenters from Brazilian and international industry and universities
• classes on topics such as advances in biobased chemicals and energy production technologies, sustainability and socio-economic impacts, process development, systems integration and conceptual process design, economy and business plan development.
groups of students, of multiple disciplines, work together on a real-life case, relevant to national and international industry, turning knowledge into a    compact business plan supported by a limited techno-economic design for integrated biochemicals-biofuels-bioenergy production.
• A final presentation and discussion of the business plan, and the best business plans will be pitched to a panel of industries, professors and investors. The best pitch will be awarded.
See complete announcement for more information.